Did You Know Romero & King’s ‘The Dark Half’ Got a Video Game?

Do You Remember the Bizarre NES Game, “Monster Party”?

How Stephen King’s “Misery” Predicted Modern Fandom

Did You Know There was an Indian TV Series Based on 1990’s “IT”?

Celebrate Freddy Krueger Day by Watching “Slash & Burn: The Freddy Krueger Story”!

Rediscovering SOMETHING EVIL — Steven Spielberg’s “Lost” Film!


A Look at the Closetsploitation of the ’80s

Untapped TALES FROM THE CRYPT Stories: Considerations for the New Series

SHARK VS ZOMBIE: Ramón Bravo, the Man Behind the Stunt

WATCH THIS: John Carpenter’s “Lost Film”, SOMEONE’S WATCHING ME!

NOT SO SCARY: Family Films from Horror Directors

The Urban Legends of John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN

META MOVIES: An Ode to the Horror Films Within Films

HOLIDAY HORRORS: Must-watch Movies for Thanksgiving

Did You Know THE RUNNING MAN inspired a REAL game show?

Move Over, Krampus: Meet Perchta, the Belly-slitter!

WATCH THIS: Mick Garris Interviews Horror Legends

TRY THIS: Watch JASON LIVES in Black and White!

WATCH: Tom Savini Playing with Corpses on NICKELODEON!

Stuart Gordon & Jason Voorhees Teach Kids about “Stranger Danger”


(No Friends is a zine based out of Chicago. I’m lucky enough to have been involved from the first issue. My monthly piece is entitled “Prime Cuts”.)

The First Cut is the Deepest

The Video Stores of My Youth

Movie Theater Madness

A Love Letter to the Immersive Theater-Going Experience


Goosebumps for Grown-ups

So Bad, It’s Good: POPCORN

One Two Trilogy: Tobe Hooper’s “Cannon Trilogy”


My Real TERROR TRAIN Experience (Shitmas 2014)

MANIAC COP 2, the Ultimate Sequel (Shitmas 2015)

The 1972 made-for-TV slasher, HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS (Shitmas 2016)


My Perfect Halloween

HALLOWEEN 4: A Perfect (Midwestern) Halloween Movie

Fiends, Freaks, & Final Girls: Dr. Jose on Alfredo Sawyer


13 ‘PG’ Horror Films That Could Probably Be Rated ‘R’ Today


Dr. Jose’s Favorite ’80s Tees, Part 2


13 Nights of Morbidly Halloween Movies – Night 1: LADY IN WHITE


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