Even if you’ve never read one, you’re probably still familiar with Fangoria Magazine.

Fangoria debuted in 1979 and originally only focused on fantasy subject matter. But by issue 7 it had become entirely dedicated to horror cinema, and since it was Fangoria‘s first issue to turn a profit, they stuck with it. In fact it was the “first issue of any national magazine to wholly concern itself with horror film as produced in the closing quarter of the 20th Century.”

Loyal readers of the publication probably have their favorite sections of the magazine, especially the old issues: maybe you’re into the Postal Zone, or Video Chopping List, The Video Eye of Dr. Cyclops, or the random odd assortment of ads for toys, masks, shirts, and other over-priced goodies that I’m now wishing I’d bought because they’d be worth a pretty penny. Personally, I liked David Schow’s Raving and Drooling, and I also liked the incessant Joe Blasco Make-up Artist Training Center ads. I also like how the inside of the back cover was invariably VHS art promoting the latest Full Moon Pictures release. And dig them classifieds, baby!

There was another recurring bit to keep fans interested: Scream Greats. Occasionally taking up the two pages in the dead center of the magazine, and sometimes taking up just a single page, Scream Greats was the awkward, introverted geek’s answer to Playboy‘s Playmate of the Month centerfold. Showcasing horror’s best and brightest, Scream Greats was presented using either a still from a movie or by using promotional publicity photos. And as anyone who has bought a Fangoria and torn one of them out can tell you: Scream Greats were perfect for taping to the inside of your school locker or the front of your bedroom door.

A few things to note before we get to the good stuff:

  • Freddy Krueger was far and away the favorite, appearing 4 different times.
  • Two of those four times they left the “A” off the title, A Nightmare on Elm Street.
  • For one of Jason Voorhees appearances, they used Stan Winston’s unused face design from Friday the 13th Part III. It’s an incredibly rare photo (especially at the time) of the still-unseen footage. In 2014, more photos from the shoot were finally unearthed.
  • Someone wasn’t paying attention: there are two #54s in the series.
  • At some point, Fangoria ditched the numerical order and just went with the titles.
  • Lastly this collection wouldn’t be possible without the help of Fucli666‘s amazing Flickr collection.


4 thoughts on “Fangoria’s SCREAM GREATS!”

    1. Waldenbooks! Boy, you just opened up a floodgate of memories for me. Waldenbooks was our mall bookstore staple, too. Bought a lot of Far Side, Goosebumps, and Punisher comics there. Great memories – maybe my next piece should be on Waldenbooks, if I can give it a scary spin somehow.

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  1. This was so much fun to read! I didn’t subscribe to Fangoria until the early 90s, so I missed most of these. We had one convenience store around that might carry it month to month. I sometimes think my parents intentionally avoided taking me there.

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