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ARTISTS BEHIND THE IMAGE is intended to put a name (and sometimes face) to the talented men and women who created the most iconic images to adorn horror VHS boxes and posters from ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Their art is vital; it’s the reason I (and many of you, certainly) fell in love with horror movies in the first place. This is not only intended as a tribute, but also a minor compendium, meant to collect their works in one single spot. Corrections, additions, or other info? Email me.

Throughout my various diggings while doing research for these pieces, there’s one common thread I’ve found among these artists: the relative anonymity that most of them existed in, even still to this day. Considering how iconic and enduring their images have been, especially now with the resurgence of VHS and the collective hip extolling the beauty of the video box (never failing to point out that the box is always better than the movie itself) I find it strange that there isn’t more info on the creators, and more readily available. It’s especially hard when the artist I’m researching shares their name with another famous artist. Continue reading ARTISTS BEHIND THE IMAGE: C. Winston Taylor