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SLEDGEHAMMER – 13 Days of Shot on Video! (#12)

With 13 Days of Shot On Video I’ll be reviewing a new shot-on-video horror film every weekday for the last two weeks of October. You can view all entries HERE.


For me, Sledgehammer is the title I most associate with the 80s SOV wave. Maybe because it’s the only SOV title I remember hearing tossed around during my nascent horror years, or perhaps because it’s the one SOV VHS box I recall actually seeing with my own two eyes at the video store as a kid. (And what a box it is!) Categorically speaking, it is technically the first SOV horror movie made specifically for the home video market.  So to me, Sledgehammer is the epitome of pure shot-on-video slop. And yes, it’s taking a lot of effort restraining myself from making a Peter Gabriel joke. Continue reading SLEDGEHAMMER – 13 Days of Shot on Video! (#12)