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“Child of God” (2013) REVIEW


This review was originally written for and posted on Letterboxd.

– Differs from the source material just slightly, but enough to bother me
– Ultimately, due to a few editing/directing choices, I feel it misses the overall tone of the book
– Scott Haze’s performance bounces back and forth between “frightening; perfect” and “irritating; laughably bad”

– Shows the lead shitting in the woods and wiping his ass with a stick. Gotta be a first for film.

“Nekromantik” (1987) REVIEW


This experiment in exhumation hails from Der Vatherland during the late-80s punk rock horror boom. At the time — and maybe even now, still — it was extremely controversial due to it’s subject matter (corpse-sexing).

A young man works for a body removal unit and it allows him to indulge in his favorite pastime: necrophilia. His girlfriend doesn’t seem to mind much, as she partakes in the ghoulish going-ons. However, the man never seems satisfied, and his icky urges escalate. He loses his job and his girlfriend; soon he begins killing randomly people. The poor guy can’t catch a break.

The movie ends on a bittersweet (?) note as the man is able to achieve his greatest sexual urge while at the same time ending his reign of madness. It’s as jaw-dropping of a scene as they come.

At 75 minutes, the movie flies by. The special effects are nice and sloppy and recall a young Peter Jackson. Enjoy this one with grandma and the kids!