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WATCH THIS: Steven Spielberg’s Forgotten Film, SOMETHING EVIL!

This piece originally appeared on Blumhouse.com

Long before Steven Spielberg found his groove directing award-winning biopics and big-budget family films, it seemed like – if only for a moment – the young auteur might settle comfortably into a life of delivering audiences straight-up genre pictures. It may be hard to believe now, young readers, but the sprawling blockbusters we associate with the Spielberg of today are a far cry from the type of stuff he originally helmed when starting out in Hollywood. Like a lot of first-time directors, Spielberg cut his teeth in the business by focusing on the horror, sci-fi, and exploitation genres.

While still a fresh-faced college student who was only midway through his studies at Cal State, Spielberg was offered the opportunity of a lifetime: a 7-year directing deal with Universal Studios. Too good a chance to pass up, he soon dropped out of school to focus on directing full time. The 21-year-old wunderkind’s first directorial effort was an episode of NIGHT GALLERY, and following a string of well-received television credits over the next few years, Universal signed Spielberg to direct four TV films. Continue reading WATCH THIS: Steven Spielberg’s Forgotten Film, SOMETHING EVIL!



ARTISTS BEHIND THE IMAGE intends to put a name (and sometimes face) to the talented men and women who created the most iconic images to adorn horror VHS boxes and posters from ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. Their art is vital; it’s the reason I (and many of you, certainly) fell in love with horror movies in the first place. This is not only intended as a tribute, but also a minor compendium, meant to collect their works in one single spot. Corrections, additions, or other info? Email me.

Doing research for Artists Behind the Image, I’m often surprised and excited when I discover a singular person is quietly behind several recognizable pieces of poster art. Really, the only poster artist whose work I can immediately spot is Drew Struzan, an artist so distinguishable and ubiquitous amongst movie poster art that I’ve decided to avoid covering his work altogether for fear of being unnecessarily redundant. Continue reading ARTISTS BEHIND THE IMAGE: Carl Ramsey