Alexa is a funny gal living in Los Angeles, doing comedy most nights and acting (“acting”) like a witch every so often on her podcast Witch Show, so it makes total sense that she would choose a couple fun, witchy flicks for her Drive-In Double Feature! Her reviews are succinct and to the point, but are still surprisingly spoiler-heavy so YOU’VE BEEN WARNED. Take it away, Alexa!

I seriously haven’t seen Practical Magic since ’98 and maybe it’s better that way. Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman are WITCH SISTERS who MURDER Nicole Kidman’s boyfriend and then BRING HIM BACK TO FUCKING LIFE, but of course he comes back as a DEMON ZOMBIE MAN because they clearly never watched PET SEMATARY and then Sandra Bullock falls in love with the POLICEMAN who is investigating their case! THIS IS LABELED AS A ROMANTIC COMEDY! THIS SHIT IS BONKERS!

Suspiria; ’nuff said. Take the feel good vibes you picked up from the first film and THROW THEM OUT THE FUCKING WINDOW CAUSE THESE BITCHES CRAY. This film has everything: Ominous arrivals! Questionable intentions! An epic soundtrack! Color! Fashion! Blood!
Classic Italian horror, Classic Sandy B. Witches being witches.
Alexa can currently be seen performing in several different shows on various comedy stages around L.A. She is also co-host of the podcast, Witch Show, which (witch?) can be found here on iTunes.

4 thoughts on “Drive-In Double Feature: PRACTICAL MAGIC & SUSPIRIA”

  1. Never seen Practical Magic, but I would still check out this double feature.

    About 15 years ago, there was a Italian horror double feature every Thursday in Boston for about a month and a half. Suspiria was the last and it played by itself. I stayed and watched it twice. It was still an awesome double feature.

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    1. Don’t tell anyone this but: I was never able to get into Argento. I love Fulci, Lenzi, and both Bavas. Hell, even Deodato. But never Argento, and I can’t really explain it. I don’t understand how he became part of the mainstream pop culture lexicon, but those other maniacs from The Boot got glanced over. Sure, to us horror fans they’re household names. But I’ll never get why Argento is so well-regarded.

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      1. I’ll keep your secret!

        It’s funny how it becomes sort of taboo to dislike certain films or filmmakers. I always respect when someone is willing to go against the grain in that respect (aside from internet people who just like to argue). I’ve always kept it quiet that I’ve never been a huge fan of Return of the Living Dead or The Exorcist or even the original Poltergeist (even though it terrified me as a kid).

        As for Argento, he was the first Euro-horror director I got into. He’s always been the one that’s the most consistent (up through 87 or so, at least).

        I love all the others you mentioned (especially Deodato).

        I was about to write that I can see why the rest were never considered mainstream…some of their stuff is just too graphic, but Argento’s is too at times. I’d say it’s his style that makes him accessible, but Mario Bava has just as much going for him. It’s hard to say why Black Sabbath isn’t a hugely popular movie – especially that Drop of Water segment. Maybe it has to do with the length of the Karloff segment…

        Look at me, I’m rambling again! I always enjoy these conversations.

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