Killer Calendar!

Horror fans just love to write about holiday horror films. As we head into the tail end of the year, we horrorhound bloggists and writerers and whatever-yacall’ems jump at the opportunity to write up list upon list of our favorite Halloween and Christmas horror flicks. Occasionally we get clever, but mostly we end up just writing listicle stuff. The balance between clever and accessible is actually a pretty hard to thing pull off! You start typing an article with good intentions, but before you know it, you’re 500 words deep in a piece about too-specific niche type stuff, like, “A list of Halloween horror movies with only two female leads and a killer who doesn’t wear a mask and only kills with handheld garden tools.” It’s gruesome stuff.

All that said, I was thinking about holiday horrors myself and how there are so many to watch and expand upon besides the ones that pop up in those last few months of the year. With that in mind, I did a little digging and whipped up a list of horror movies from every month of the year that cover all sorts of holidays. So give ’em a looksie. Use it as a reference guide. Bookmark this page and revisit if need be. Maybe it inspires you to do some investigating of your own. It’s info that anyone can find with the click of a mouse, I just made it look real purty is all.

A few things to note about the Killer Calendar:

  • While thorough, it is not complete. I intentionally omitted several lower-tiered titles to focus on the more popular ones or ones I thought deserved attention. If I had included every Halloween and Christmas-themed horror movie on this list, I’d be old and gray by the time I finished typing it up.
  • Besides the obvious literal choices, I tried to include some more inspired fare (see: 1978’s Long Weekend)
  • It should be assumed all sequels and remakes are included where applicable.
  • These are all dated for 2016, baby! Now get to markin’ yer Killer Calendars at home!














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