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Remembering… Cracked Monster Party & Monsters Attack!

A small section of Dr. Jose’s personal (very used) collection.

Growing up, I’d say most of the things I was consuming artistically fell under one of the four following categories: funny, gross, weird, or scary. Funny like The Three Stooges, “Weird Al”, and MAD Magazine; gross like Ren & Stimpy and Garbage Pail Kids; weird like Liquid Television and Pee-wee’s Playhouse; scary like Fangoria Magazine and the vast amount of horror flicks I watched as often as possible.

The most magical and exciting items from that nascent period were the ones that blended one or more of the aforementioned tastes. It’s hard to explain but to my developing and easily-awed brain, by combining such weird and creative preferences, it was as if someone really got it, somehow understood me personally and intimately, and was able to cater to my individual tastes. Things like the Garbage Pail Kids and Liquid Television, those were mine. Too weird and arcane to be understood or appreciated by the masses. Were other 9-year-olds enjoying those things, too? Of course. Adults, as well. But little me didn’t think that: there was no way other people — especially kids my age, my peers — could possibly be comprehending these things and enjoying them the way I was. I suppose this is the point when nostalgia starts germinating in our small bodies and turns into some sort of weird, protective ego in our adulthood. Or maybe I was just a screwball kid, who knows. Continue reading Remembering… Cracked Monster Party & Monsters Attack!

My Top 15 Episodes of Tales from the Crypt!

I’ve mentioned this in many articles before, but my childhood was primarily based around the boob tube. There was TV in the morning before school, TV after school, TV while we sat and ate dinner, and TV in my bedroom before I fell asleep. Ah, the beautiful warm, blue glow from the screen. Watching cable in dark with no TV guide to assist my exploration – now that was exciting! I’ve also mentioned before that I was (am) the son of two very permissive, understanding, and cool parents. Therefore I was introduced to the good stuff early on, Tales from the Crypt being one of them. I know it aired on HBO during the weekend – I believe Saturday night – but I also think it aired once during the weeknight, too. I can’t remember exactly now. But that’s what this wonderful promo from October 30, 1993 would lead me to believe!
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