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“Hush” (2016) REVIEW

Sometimes I watch a movie and it feels like the writer took the first simple premise that popped into their head, immediately pitched it to a producer without fleshing it out, and dusted their hands of the whole thing.

“Here’s my idea: it’s a home invasion movie, but, get this – the girl who lives in the house? She’s deaf.”

“Is that it?”

“Pretty much.”

“Congrats, kid – you got yourself a picture! Here’s a check.”

I imagine everyone shaking hands afterwards and patting backs in a satisfied manner while wearing big, shit-eating grins. Movies! Continue reading “Hush” (2016) REVIEW


Awooooo! Careful, mutants! I think you’re being followed…

You’re walking home alone one damp and dreary night. You see shadows dancing on the walls, hear advancing footsteps on the pavement, and feel heavy breathing on your neck. But by then, it’s too late!

This is the soundtrack for all the late night maniacs out there. Beware! (Click the pic to hear the tunes!)