Horror Video Ads from the ’80s!

Long before the Internet — before Google, Wikipedia, Facebook, and whatever else people use to search and share information nowadays — details on the latest movies releases (especially the more obscure titles, especially horror titles) were a lot harder to come by. A lot harder. There were newspapers and word of mouth, of course. But if you were a gorehound or looking for info on more underground stuff, having a subscription to a magazine like Fangoria or Starlog was a necessity — especially if you wanted to buy these movies. (There were other movie-centric publications, like Movieline which was actually pretty decent, but the best genre-specific info required genre-specific magazines.)

There was also your local mom & pop video shops. They’d usually have these odd little paper movie guides that were on the check-out counter, and after you rented your flicks you’d grab one on your way out. They’d list what was available, what was coming out, and other trivial info. But other than those scant sources, you’d be hard-pressed to find any other places with horror/cult news.

This is an ode to all the wonderful ads found in the backs of those various rags that informed us horrornuts how to get our hands on the weirdo movies we so desperately wanted. The images have been culled from several sites, some still active and some long dormant. Credit goes to: 90s Video Store Girl, Brain Hammer, Patron Saint of the Denial, Dr. North, and perhaps the biggest and most invaluable source, Paxton Holley.

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5 thoughts on “Horror Video Ads from the ’80s!”

  1. Those are fantastic. I remember seeing some of them in print and a few others for the first time. I would love to have a room plastered in these.

    The media one has one of my favorite images of Leatherface. I love that image from the Media VHS even more than the poster art. I was so fascinated by it before I ever saw the movie.

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    1. Thank you, sir. I assure you: rounding up the pieces took little effort and was (likely) not 1/10 as difficult as getting them online in the first place. All the credit for this post goes to these ads respective uploaders.

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