Welcome to the future. It’s 1990. Or maybe it’s 1998. Or maybe it’s 2010. Or maybe it’s even later.

The landscape is a vast desert wasteland where madmen roam the scorched earth on sputtering motorcycles culled from spare parts and outfitted with human skulls. Or – maybe – the landscape is a trash-filled, neon-soaked city overrun with crime and violence, where drugged-out maniacs in leather gear terrorize innocent, law-abiding citizens.

However you envision the future, there are three things that one must have in order to survive: big guns, big muscles, and big breasts.

At least, that’s what the cover art to these post-apocalyptic cheapo gems would have passers by believe!

Make no mistake: every one of these covers – over the top, sleazy, and misrepresentative as they are – is a work of art, from a bygone era when using the box imagery to trick uncertain video renters to check out your no-budget movie still worked. This is far from a comprehensive collection, just a few of my favorites. I won’t be updating this page, but you can see the full up-to-date collection HERE.


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