SUMMERTIME SCARES! (Stacy Still / Staystillreviews)

Aloha, mutants! We’re almost two weeks into July and already suffering all the fun things that come along with being smack dab in the middle of summer: blistering heat, back sweat, and frizzy knuckle hair.

Last year around this time I ran a month-long piece, Drive-In Double Feature, where I had readers submit their dream double features if no rules or restrictions applied. I’ll go out on a limb and say it was a minor “hit”, so I’ve decided to do something similar this year: open the doors and allow faithful CV readers to become faithful CV contributors, if only for a month.

Kicking things off is Stacy Still of Staystillreviews with her Top Summer Movies, and boy howdy she really covers all the bases! I’ll quit my rambling now and allow Stacy to take over.


When Camera Viscera asked fellow bloggers to list some of their all time favorite summer themed movies I honestly couldn’t just pick one. Here are my top favorites that are a MUST to watch when he water turns warm, and long beach days are ahead! Here are Staystillreviews’ Top Summer Movies!


Mr. Shoop got into teaching for three reasons. June, July, and August. If you ask me, this guy knows what’s up. After everyone bails on teaching a classroom of failures, Mr. Shoop a lovable gym teacher gets suckered into the gig and feels just as trapped as the very colorful and odd ball students. Wanting to make to make the best out of what’s handed to them, Shoop puts a whole new twist on education.


Larry, a young teen decides to spend the summer with his Uncle Ned and help run his haunted house that’s one of the many amusements at the traveling carnival he works for. Instantly things aren’t going as planned. Between Ned’s drinking, constant engine trouble, and management cracking down on the attractions, the last thing Larry needs is a batch of tiny little demons hitching a ride and hiding out in the carnival, attacking the guests!


Tim Peterson is soon to be graduating from his small hometown of Grandview. One night after some car trouble, he meets tomboy Mike Cody, owner of a demolition yard where locals complete in smashing cars. Taken aback by her beautiful looks, Tim begins to second guess his future after he learns his father along with the rest of the town are planning on shutting Mike’s family business down to built a new country club.


Two couple double dating attend the local carnival that’s in town. The night is filled with excitement and fun before one of the guys propose the idea to hide out the entire night in the park’s funhouse. Shortly after closing, the couples witness a murder from within the attraction by one of the ride’s workers. Terrified, they quickly try to find a way out only to learn they are locked inside until dawn with a monster stalking them one by one.

SIDE OUT, Peter Horton, C. Thomas Howell, 1990, (c)TriStar Pictures

Monroe, a handsome young man decides to work for his uncle over the summer on the West Coast. During his very stressful first day on the job, he lands up on the beach and meets Zach, a volleyball legend. Finding an escape by learning the game, Monroe and Zach join forces and enlist in a state wide contest with a huge cash prize!


Corey Webster, a talented skateboarder is spending the summer with his band of friends on the West Coast The Ramp Locals to complete in two different skating contest, including The L.A Massacre which could make Corey a brand name in the world of skating. All seems to be fun in the sun before he meets the beautiful Chrissy. After spending a whole night with her, it seems the two are head over heels for each other. Only problem is Chrissy is visiting her older brother Hook who’s the leader of the Daggers, a rival gang to the Ramp Locals. In a very 80’s twist of Romeo and Juliet, Corey and Chrissy try to see if their love is strong enough to last this very eventful summer ahead of them.


A brilliant scientist’s last words to her son is to return to her beach house and destroy the experiments she had been working on, including finding his brother Anthony. Confused, the young man invites a group of his friends up to the house and ponders what his mother meant by finding his brother? He doesn’t have any siblings. Just a few days into clearing out the house and the labs, they learn that his mother had created something terrible, something worse than anyone’s nightmares…


Pee Wee, a giant man child goes on the trip of a lifetime after his pervious bike has been stolen. Determined to find it, he meets a batch of whacky and colorful characters on his journey including Large Marge “Muhahahahah!”


A small New England Coastal town is terrorized by a great white shark who’s been gobbling up the locals. After several brutal deaths, it’s up to a crazed fisherman, the police chief, and a scientist to track down and kill this beast once and for all.


Young Angela Baker attends summer camp for the very first time with her over protective cousin Ricky. Years before hand a terrible boat accident took the life’s of her father, and twin brother Peter. Traumatized, Angela is painful shy and withdrawn, instantly becoming the target to the fellow campers. Shortly after her arrival, a series of terrible accidents leave some of the staff and children dead. Who’s doing the killings and why?


Find more of Stacy’s awesome writing as Staystillreviews!

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