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SUMMERTIME SCARES! (Horror and Sons)


As strange as it sounds, there are cliques among horror (&sci-fi&exploitation&et. al.) blogs. Not in the mean-spirited high school sense of the word, but simply peers who made their entry into the blogosphere at the same time as you. People who began with zero followers and slowly built an audience while you did the same. People who you chat with and share ideas and pointers with. I spot other longer running horror cliques on Twitter and Facebook all the time. And yes, believe it or not, Camera Viscera has many contemporaries, too. 

One of them is Horror and Sons. I can’t recall the exact moment we landed on each others radar, but I’ve kept them in my Rolodex ever since. (I’ll probably be adding them to my list of Emergency Contacts soon.) They submitted a great piece for my Drive-In Double Feature last summer, and I am thrilled that they decided to participate in this year’s whatever this is. Check out their piece from last year; I think you’ll notice a theme. Continue reading SUMMERTIME SCARES! (Horror and Sons)


Songs about the classics: monsters, beasts, werewolves, vampires, mummies, ghosts, witches. Mostly stuff from the late-50s, 60s, and early-70s, all delivered in the form of growls, howls, and screeches, with a dash of the always eerie theremin! Great for Halloween parties and while riding bikes on a crisp late afternoon in the fall. This mix puts the “boo” in “boogie”!

Click the pic, hear the tunes!