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Music Videos Inspired by Horror Movies!

Yesterday saw the release of the hotly anticipated new Radiohead tune “Burn the Witch“, as well as a music video to go with it. And what a (timely) video it was: using claymation, the story pays homage to the May Day-centered cult horror film, The Wicker Man. The police investigation, the weird townspeople, the fruit, and even the titular wicker man – it’s all there in pliable Newplast, set to the haunting warble of Thom Yorke.

Now, music videos using old films as inspiration is nothing new, but it got me thinking about music videos that had used horror films as inspiration (this is a horror site, after all), and while a few immediately came to mind I still had to do a little digging, which uncovered a few more that I had just plain forgotten about – or in some cases, didn’t even realize were an homage!

So without further ado, here are 10 music videos inspired by famous fright flicks. Continue reading Music Videos Inspired by Horror Movies!

VENUS FLYTRAP – 13 Days of Shot on Video! (#4)

With 13 Days of Shot On Video I’ll be reviewing a new shot-on-video horror film every weekday for the last two weeks of October. You can view all entries HERE.


I had no idea what to expect going into Venus Flytrap. Not much info exists about it online (no Wikipedia page, a scant IMDB page, and only a handful of horror blogs have reviewed it), and the only reason I happened upon it was because it was included in one of those “buy this group of DVDs together, save this amount of money” type deals when I was adding DVDs to my shopping cart on Amazon. The cover art looked really unique and I don’t think it cost no more than ten bucks, so I thought, what the hell. You only live once, right?

Let me say, I am so happy I took a chance on Venus Flytrap! Continue reading VENUS FLYTRAP – 13 Days of Shot on Video! (#4)