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Once again, February is upon us. And once again, I’ve created a batch of spooky valentines to share with your friends, loved ones, and heck, maybe even a few people you secretly despise.

There are a robust 16 new designs in this year’s collection. And I tried something new this year: I attempted to make them look as though they were all part of the same “pack”, if you will. With my prior batches, the general design was the same, but the colors and layouts were all over the place—chock-full of bright colors and wild backgrounds, intended to cause as much eyeball stimulation as possible.

With this batch, however, I simplified the layout and the color scheme in order to create a more cohesive final product. I think it worked!

Also: using a suggestion offered by the always thoughtful and entertaining George Kramer, I included all of the designs on two 8.5″x11″ sheets. That way, if you want to print them all out, you don’t have to print out each individual card. Major time-saver. Thanks, George, you genius you!

Hope you enjoy this year’s batch!


This is it, you lovesick freakos! February is already upon us and the day of reddening is just around the corner. Personally, I’ve already got my V-Day plans booked (drinking a $4 bottle of wine while staring in the mirror – hey, it’s a tradition!), but for those of you poor saps who are still empty-handed and in need of a little something to tell your significant other just how you feel about them – I’ve got you covered!

As I’ve done for the past few years now, I’ve whipped up a handful of vile valentines for only the most demented of you. I’m talkin’ real sick stuff, folks. You can see the past creations HERE, HERE, and HERE. The best part: they’re free!

So print out as many of ’em on the office printer as you can and share ’em with like-minded maniacs!