The first installment of Horror Nerd of the Month focused on Jerry, a character from the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, and here we are, only a handful of months later, and I’m already revisiting the franchise, this time focusing on someone who makes Jerry look like Paul Newman in comparison: Ryan.

We’re first introduced to Ryan whilst on a road trip through Texas with his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, Michelle. From the second we meet his character it is immediately clear that Michelle is totally out of his league. It’s revealed that the reason for their split is she’s attending college out of state and doesn’t want to do the long distance relationship thing…but c’mon – we know why she’s really dumping him: he’s a total lame-o.

Even in death, Ryan is humiliated: while he’s hung upside-down by hooks through his ankles and about to be delivered a deathblow via sledgehammer, two members of the Sawyer clan feel the need to point out his colored undies (“California!”), which is met with laughter from the rest of the demented family. As unsettling of a scene as it is, it confirms a long-held belief: nerds just can’t catch a break.

Ryan, we salute you.

5 thoughts on “HORROR NERD OF THE MONTH — Ryan!”

    1. Oh boy. I feel like conventions have this terrible effect on everyone involved, both vendors and customers. In fact, I’ve yet to attend a con where the experience was completely free of an awkward experience (both on my part, and the part of the “celeb”). I, too, have read nothing but positive things about William Butler, but who knows man. It’s like the old saying goes, “Never meet your idols”.

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      1. I should qualify this by saying he wasn’t rude to me. I didn’t actually meet him. He was in the audience during a F13 panel and he slapped some guy on the shoulder and said, “Hey, beat it!” The guy got up sheepishly and left. Maybe he knew the guy, but it didn’t look that way. He also kept yelling some in joke to Kane Hodder that people around him were tiring of. At least the people that I could see.

        I have had very few bad experiences at conventions. I know Savini is notorious, but I’ve met him 3 times and never had an issue. The stories people tell though are horrifying though.

        The only person I didn’t care for was the guy who played Leatherface in the TCM remake. There was nothing wrong with him really, but he tried to call me over by my shirt and acted like I was too meek to go over on my own. I didn’t really need the favor. I was just waiting in the Caroline Williams line with a few other people.

        I would love to have good discussion around convention etiquette from a fan’s perspective. I’ve heard a few guests say what they do and don’t like.

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      2. Convention etiquette would make a GREAT piece. I’d love to hear both perspectives. I’ve heard Savini is notorious, too, so I’m relieved to hear your experience was positive. As for the Leatherface actor, Andrew Bryniarski, he became sort of a persona non grata after making some disparaging comments in the wake of Gunnar Hansen’s passing. And a quick glance at his FB page is pretty revealing. Let’s just say, he’s a few cups short of a Tea Party – if you catch my drift.

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      3. I always forget how to say/spell Bryniarski’s last name. I remember when that all happened and now I feel like I’m ganging up on an easy target.

        As much fun as I’ve had interacting with guests at conventions, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone that I enjoyed more than HG Lewis. That guy was so warm and funny.

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