As much as it pains me to say, I feel like I have a lot in common with Scream‘s resident nerd, Randy Meeks (played by Jamie Kennedy). In fact, I kind of consider him a gasp!choke!…kindred spirit. He’s a high-strung horror fanatic*, the oddest within his friend circle**, who works part-time at a video store*** and bores those around him with his endless pontifications on horror rules and theories****. We’re almost two peas in a pod really.

Randy represented a new generation of cinematic horror nerds. Gone were the clunky glasses and prescribed medications so prevalent with horror nerds of the ’80s, gone was the isolation from peers and lonely Saturday nights; this was the ’90s! Throughout the original Scream trilogy, Randy was a stalwart character, as necessary as the rest of ’em; a rodent-faced geek with a heart of bronze, always quick to offer a witticism or reference some esoteric horror flick in times of need. He wore retro vintage attire and wide-collared shirts, and he pined (endlessly) for Sidney Prescott, the final girl who would never be his.

He was far from cool, but if you squinted hard enough you could kind of make out a promising blur. Hard to explain, really. But as Randy himself once said, “It’s the millennium – motives are incidental.”

* Guilty. I blame my coffee intake.
** No question.
*** I worked in a movie theater; close enough.
**** Ask anyone who has met me.

4 thoughts on “HORROR NERD OF THE MONTH: Randy!”

    1. Well, thank you for that. “Christmas on a stick”, sounds both magical and kinda dangerous – I like it. But I’ll agree with your point somewhat: look, there’s no denying I like to ramble about the golden oldies, from the ’70s throughout the ’80s (and sometimes early ’90s!), and I felt like bringing up a film like SCREAM might be too recent, too polished, too New Generation. But, Randy is a nerd, no denying. He’s best in the first film, which is where I’m coming from on this’n.

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      1. I’m with you on that. I’m just a curmudgeon.

        The crazy part is, Scream isn’t all that recent anymore. At 20 this December, it’s older now than Halloween was when it came out. At that point, Halloween seemed like an old movie. I still consider Scream and the like new movies until I do the math.

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      2. Oh my god, you’re right – 20 years old! Holy shit! I remember seeing H20 in the theaters and thinking, “Man, I wonder if anyone who saw the original is here to see this — they must be so old.” Good grief.

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