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INTERVIEW: Tom Sullivan!


While the name might not instantly ring a bell, Tom Sullivan’s work definitely will: ever heard of a little film franchise called Evil Dead?  All the crazy special effects that essentially made the Evil Dead films watchable cult hits were created by none other than Mr. Sullivan himself.  The terrifying Cheryl-zombie in the basement, the campy Harryhausen inspired skeleton battles, and the unforgettable Book of the Dead are just a few of the awesome effects supplemented by Tom.  But he isn’t a one-trick pony, no no no.  He’s kept himself plenty busy with all his other endeavors.  In preparation for Chicago’s own Terror in the Aisles 2, Dr. Jose was able to get Mr. Sullivan to talk about what he’s been up to lately and if there is any possibility of another Evil Dead film. Continue reading INTERVIEW: Tom Sullivan!

INTERVIEW: Stuart Gordon!


Stuart Gordon is the director of such horror classics as From Beyond and Re-Animator. People may not know this, but he actually started out in theatre and has been nominated for the Joseph Jefferson award multiple times.  He was kind enough to talk to me about how he got his start in genre, what he’s up to now, and what he’s been watching lately. Continue reading INTERVIEW: Stuart Gordon!

INTERVIEW: John Harrison!


John Harrison might not necessarily be a household name for everyone, or perhaps you think I’m talking about John Harrison the British clockmaker who designed the first marine chronometer (and if you’re one of those people, give me your home address so I can come murder you), but horror fans should know who I’m talking about; he scored George Romero’s Creepshow as well as Day of the Dead, and directed the unofficial (yet agreed by most) Creepshow 2 sequel, Tales From the Darkside: The Movie. Continue reading INTERVIEW: John Harrison!

INTERVIEW: Crispin Glover!


Everyone has seen a Crispin Glover movie, that’s my declaration right here and now. You might not realize it, but you have. Glover’s ageless appearance combined with his often weird role choices (and portrayals) give him the “that guy from that thing” status that all great and true character actors (think Dick Miller, William Fichtner, Bill Moseley, or a pre-Man of Steel Michael Shannon) will achieve in their lifetime.

Probably most famous for his role as George McFly in Robert Zemeckis’s Back to the Future (or most infamously,not its sequels), Glover has worked for all the greats: David Lynch, Oliver Stone, Gus Van Sant, Milos Forman, Neil LaBute, Tim Burton, and… McG. He’s also done voice-over work for kids movies like Open Season. Like I said, you’ve seen a Crispin Glover movie before. Continue reading INTERVIEW: Crispin Glover!