The A Nightmare on Elm Street series is no stranger to nerdy characters (Will the Wizard Master, anyone?), but what with it being Black History Month and Women in Horror Month, Camera Viscera’s February HORROR NERD OF THE MONTH was a no brainer: Sheila, from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master. And brother, what a geek!

Equipped with oversized specs that sit low on her nose and perpetually lugging around a backpack jammed full of books, Sheila exudes a nerdiness that’s painfully obvious from a mile away. But it doesn’t end there: she’s also gets hassled by guys, rides a sputtering Vespa, and — of course — has terrible asthma! She’s a nerd to the tenth power (that’s a math joke; nerds love math jokes.)

Sadly, Sheila’s wits were no match for Freddy Krueger’s puns. But then again, neither are we, the audience.

Bonus points: Sheila was portrayed by actress Toy Newkirk, who has the greatest industry name since Kool Lusby. And lastly, Sheila’s last name in the film is Kopecky; I like to think that, in some alternate film universe, she’s related to Billy Francis Kopecki.

Sheila, we salute you.

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