Seth. Fucking. Brundle.

Brundle, the tragic weirdo genius played by Jeff Goldblum (pumping every bit of oddball charm into the character) in David Cronenberg’s 1986 body horror masterpiece The Fly, may be the quintessential horror nerd.

All the signs are there: he’s really into science, he’s not particularly good with the opposite sex, he’s self-conscious, and he occasionally suffers from car sickness – does it get any more lame than that?

I mean, the guy owns seven pairs of the same suit so he doesn’t have to waste any brain space thinking about what outfits he’s going to wear during the week – an idea he culled from Albert Einstein. Nerd!

Midway through his metamorphosis Brundle starts displaying uncharacteristic feats of strength and masculine prowess, animalistic traits he absorbed from the titular insect. His transformation is that much more noticeable because he started out such a meek, timid geek. It’s a brilliant juxtaposition.

But don’t take it from me – check out the awkward introduction to (and between) our two leads that sets Brundle’s tone going forward:

Seth, we salute you.

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