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Seth. Fucking. Brundle.

Brundle, the tragic weirdo genius played by Jeff Goldblum (pumping every bit of oddball charm into the character) in David Cronenberg’s 1986 body horror masterpiece The Fly, may be the quintessential horror nerd.

All the signs are there: he’s really into science, he’s not particularly good with the opposite sex, he’s self-conscious, and he occasionally suffers from car sickness – does it get any more lame than that? Continue reading HORROR NERD OF THE MONTH – Seth!

Killer Canadian Horror!

Aloha, mutants! Another holiday in the planner notated with a question mark is upon us: Canada Day! As I sit here in my Vancouver, BC Days Inn motel room (truth, I’m really in Canada!), I thought I’d help celebrate Canada Day by taking a moment to honor some of the maple-flavored maniacs from up north!

Now this is not a list detailing the great and wonderful subgenre of “canuxploitation”, though you can find just about all the info you’d need to ever find on the subject at the awesomely extensive website, Canuxploitation! Nor is this a list detailing movies simply filmed in Canada. Y’see, some time in the 1970s, directors (American and otherwise) realized they could get some major tax breaks by filming in Canada, so there are lots of Canadian-filmed horror films that aren’t from Canadian directors. For a list of those movies, just check out the Wikipedia page for it.

This list is simply intended to shine a a light on a few Canuck-born crazies who’ve contributed great things to the genre of horror. So let’s take a look at a few of ’em, eh? Continue reading Killer Canadian Horror!